Part-time Positions:

Access Ambassadors (AA)

AAs stream live lectures for students who are approved to attend class remotely. Interested? Email Yee Tran at We hire AAs on an as-needed basis, depending on whether an AA's availability matches that of one of our remote students. This is a part-time, paid position at $15.50/hr.


Proctors make it possible for DSP students to receive their exam accommodations by picking up the exam, monitoring testing environments, and returning the exam to the instructor afterwards. Proctors develop skills that can be a great advantage to them after graduation, including experience working with individuals from diverse physical, neurological, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds; experience with confidential materials; and effective interpersonal communication skills. This position requires that students be available to work during midterms and the entirety of finals week and pays at an hourly rate of $15.75. Proctors choose their own shifts based on their availability. Interested? Apply through our DSP Portal! Learn more about the DSP exam proctor position. 

Note: The availability of proctoring shifts is highly variable from week to week and is entirely dependent on when students have exams. If you are looking for a consistent weekly income, this position may not be suitable for you, though it makes for a great side gig!

Exam Coordination Assistants 

Exam Coordination Assistants monitor the front desk at the Testing Center, including handling exams for pick-up and drop-off, managing the loan out and maintenance of exam equipment such as laptops and spellcheckers, proctoring when needed, and being available to assist any students who come to the Testing Center. This position pays $15.75 an hour. If we're hiring, you'll find the job description posted to DSP's Handshake.

Office Assistants

 There are up to six student workers on staff for the DSP main office at any given time. These positions range from front desk work to notetaking and payroll assistance to assisting with adaptive technology. All positions are paid at a rate of $16/hour. If we're hiring, you'll find the job descriptions posted to DSP's Handshake.

Paid Volunteer Positions:


DSP coordinates notes for between 550 and 650 courses every quarter, so we're always hiring notetakers to provide their personal class notes to DSP students! Notetakers are hired on an as-needed basis, depending on whether a student in their class has requested notes. This position pays a quarterly stipend of $25 per unit (ex. one-time payment of $100 for a 4 unit class). Gain experience to put on your resume, support your peers with disabilities, and get a little extra cash, all while providing notes you're already taking for yourself! Learn more about the Notetaking Responsibilities and Guidelines and how to apply.