Apply to Be a DSP Notetaker

Thank you for your interest in becoming a DSP Notetaker! The application process is only a few steps. If you have any questions please contact

  1. Complete the Notetaker Application through the DSP Portal and submit your availability to be a notetaker under 'Update Schedule'. You must do this at the beginning of each quarter if you wish to work for us. Notetakers are assigned on an as-needed basis.
  2. Attend a mandatory Zoom orientation. You will be emailed to schedule this WHEN you have been assigned so check your email frequently.
  3. Our Payroll Unit will then contact you with steps regarding the UC payroll system UC Path. For specific questions regarding this, please contact the Payroll Assistant, Jessica Benavides.
  4. Abide by the Notetaking responsibility and guidelines as stipulated below.

By submitting an application for employment for this position, the applicant authorizes the hiring agency to access their academic record for the purpose of confirming enrollment status and related eligibility for student employment. Employment is contingent on the ability to provide proper identification.

Notetaking Responsibilities & Guidelines (During Remote Learning)

Welcome to the Disabled Students Program!

As a new DSP notetaker, please review the following information carefully to ensure that you are aware of the responsibilities you take on when you agree to volunteer as a note taker for a student with a disability.


Please be aware that all students have the right to confidentiality regarding their disability. When appropriate, inform the professor of your role, but please be discrete. Identify yourself as a DSP notetaker.

DO NOT disclose your student’s name to ANYONE who is not connected to DSP!



Establish an open line of communication between you and the student(s). At the beginning of your assignment, you should notify your student(s) by email (either blind copy; bbc OR individually) that you are their notetaker and when you will start to upload their notes. Knowing a student’s limitations may be beneficial for notetaking but please do not ask them to disclose their specific disability. If there should be a problem communicating with a student or if you have concerns, please email immediately.


Handwritten notes are allowed, provided they are legible. ONLY during the COVID-19 pandemic will apps such as CamScanner be accepted.

Be certain all notes are legible, clearly stated, and accurate. If you disagree with the instructor on a point in a lecture, remember to keep any biases out of the notes. Mark salient points of the lecture with stars, underlining, or large letters. Please define any and all abbreviations (distribute a key of commonly used abbreviations to your students). YOU MAY NOT UPLOAD THE POWERPOINT. The students have access to that themselves. They are looking for the information that is spoken/discussed during lectures, whether synchronous or asynchronous.

  • Uploaded notes must have the date and lecture number/week of the lecture specified. Please note any class announcements in your notes. 
  • Your first upload should include the course structure as well as when notes will be posted.
  • You are NOT responsible for chapter, readings, discussions, sections, PowerPoints, or Zoom office hours.
  • Upload a document for each day of class, regardless of if a lecture took place (i.e. Exam, no lecture, etc.).

You must upload the notes no later than 24 hours after each lecture excluding weekends and University holidays. Remember DSP hours are 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm.

Add / Drop Changes

Please make sure to make any changes in the DSP system in a timely manner. You must email if you drop a class that you are taking notes for.

Notetaker Paperwork and Payment

All DSP notetakers must attend a Zoom notetaker orientation. It is the notetakers responsibility to ensure that all the necessary forms have been signed and completed within dates specified by payroll staff. You will be required to submit two forms of government issued ID’s (examples: Driver License, Passport, Birth Cert. Social Security Card, etc.). If you are not able to provide these documents, you must inform DSP as soon as possible.

All notetakers must also “click” (complete assignment) for each class you take notes for. You may do this after your orientation. It MUST be done by the end of the quarter.

This is done on-line in your notetaking assignment. You will receive a nominal cash payment of $25 per unit. This amount may be prorated based on the actual number of weeks that you provide notes and/or the quality of your notes.


In cases of illness or emergencies, please contact the DSP Office immediately. It is your responsibility to get the notes from the day you missed. Please inform the student(s) of your absence. You must get the notes from someone else to give to your students. We encourage you to ask questions whenever you need an answer and/or a solution to a problem.

Please contact us for questions or concerns; no question is insignificant! Email: