DSP Office Hours & Contact Information

Please Note: DSP is still exercising physical distancing measures over summer in response to COVID-19. Staff is working remotely. Email is the preferred method of communication whenever possible. Zoom technology and limited phone capabilities may also be available. In addition to appointments, some staff are available during weekly virtual drop-in hours via Zoom (see below).

Summer Session Hours

Monday - Friday
9:00am - 4:00pm

Disabled Students Program is conveniently located on the second floor of the Student Resource Building, in Room 2120. We are across from the Office of Student Life (OSL) and the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP).

* Hours are limited during campus holidays

Front desk receptionist

Testing Center Contact Information

For questions regarding the Testing Center, you may reach out directly to their staff.

Sandra Caceres

"Old Gym"
Building 479



Virtual Drop-In Hours

Our DSP staff is excited to speak with you and answer your questions! Staff will have their Zoom windows open during the hours noted below (excluding holidays). Just click on their corresponding Zoom link to join their session.

You are welcome to visit with any of the Specialists noted below. However, if you have sensitive or private information that you want to keep confidential, we invite you to schedule a check-in appointment with your assigned Specialist to have a window of time set aside for you. Your assigned Specialist is noted on the DSP Services Portal on the Applications tab. You can send your Specialist an email or phone call and let them know the days/times that work best for your schedule.

Please note: When you sign into Zoom during drop-in hours, you will initially be placed in a waiting room. We will admit you as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that more than one student may be simultaneously present during virtual drop-in hours.

Front Desk (General Inquiries)
Thursdays 10am-12pm and 2pm to 4pm
Front Desk Zoom link

Mark Grosch (Specialist)
None this week

Anika Kitson (Specialist)
Tuesday 1pm-2pm
Anika's Zoom link

David Dunlop (Specialist)
Wednesday 2pm-3pm
David's Zoom link

Eric Kruger (Specialist)
Tuesday and Thursday 3pm-4pm 
Eric's Zoom link

Cooper DiNapoli (Exam Accommodations/General Inquiries)
Tuesday 3pm-4pm
Cooper's Zoom link

Nate Streeper (Adaptive Tech)
By appointment
Email nstreeper@ucsb.edu

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