This guide is designed to show you the basic steps in requesting exam accommodations. It does not replace the exam accommodation contract that you must sign in the DSP Services Portal under the "Your Services" tab. Don't hesitate to contact your Disabilities Specialist or call 805.893.2668 if you have any questions.

Submit instructor verification letters by selecting the "Instructor Letter" tab in the DSP Services Portal and following the prompts. The purpose of this step is to notify the instructor of the exam accommodations that have been approved for you. You only need to submit this request once per class per quarter.

Proctored Exams

All proctored exams will need to be scheduled in advance through RegisterBlast. The Testing Center, in collaboration with DSP, coordinates, hosts, and proctors DSP exams. 

Your instructor receives your Instructor Letter and schedules the exam in RegisterBlast. This is where they will include pertinent notes about the exam: the date and time of the exam, allowed materials, how long the exam will be, etc. 

You will then need to go to RegisterBlast (using a link in GauchoSpace) to take a “seat” in this exam by following the instructions listed on the Testing Center website.

The Testing Center will coordinate an exam location. Please take special note of where your exam will take place! DSP exams will be conducted primarily in the Testing Center but may take place anywhere on campus. Your exam very likely will not take place where the course is taught.

To make the transition easier, we’ve included a link to GauchoSpace under the Exam Accommodations tab as well as the link listed above:

Screenshot: Services, Exam Accommodations, Go to GauchoSpace

Remote Exams, No Proctor Needed

If your exam will be taking place online and you do not need a proctor (e.g. the instructor has formatted the exam to take place on GauchoSpace, open-book, with no proctor), you do not need to sign up for the exam in RegisterBlast, because no proctor or alternate location needs to be scheduled. Your Instructor Letter will alone act as your request for exam accommodations, and we recommend following up with your instructor to make sure they have adjusted your exam in GauchoSpace (or through the relevant online platform) accordingly. For example, if you receive 150% extended time, you’ll simply submit your Instructor Letter > follow up with your instructor to make sure your time has been extended > take your exam.

For further questions about scheduling your exam through RegisterBlast, please contact

It is advised that you communicate with your instructor and/or TA to confirm that they have completed the appropriate exam process within RegisterBlast.

You can refer them to the Testing Center if they have any questions: or (805) 893-7001.

  • If you are taking the exam with a DSP proctor in an alternate exam setting, we recommend asking the instructor how clarification questions will be handled during exams.
  • If you have any exam time conflicts, contact your instructor before signing up for the exam accommodation in RegisterBlast to discuss an alternate exam time that best fits your schedule. To prevent such conflicts, we strongly recommend you enroll in classes with enough time between the classes and check the exam schedule in GOLD at the time of registration.
  • Not all instructors will create the exam in RegisterBlast themselves. Sometimes teaching assistants or a “DSP proxy” (e.g. a staff member in the department, such as the undergraduate advisor) will assist instructors with this task, and you may be directed by your instructor to speak with them instead.

On exam day, be sure to check the arrangements in RegisterBlast to ensure that no last-minute changes were made. Contact DSP immediately if there are problems with the administration of your exam by calling the DSP front office 805.893.2668.

Having Trouble Scheduling your Exam?

Visit the Testing Center's website for further instructions and visual tutorials!

The Testing Center can also be reached by email at or by phone at 805.893.7001.

Things to keep in mind:

  • You are responsible for scheduling your exams by claiming a seat via RegisterBlast. Logging into GauchoSpace first and selecting the RegisterBlast tool will filter the exams offered to represent your own course schedule.
  • DSP strongly recommends that you schedule your exams as soon as your instructor has created the exams in RegisterBlast. Scheduling your exams in advance guarantees that you will receive exam accommodations. We will make every effort to accommodate all requests but cannot guarantee accommodations for last-minute requests.
  • If you are approved for Consideration of Health Conditions (Exams) and you miss an exam, it is your responsibility to communicate with your professor. You must ask your faculty to email the Testing Center at to confirm the date of your make-up exam. You must then contact the Testing Center to confirm your exam schedule. DSP students not approved for this accommodation cannot be guaranteed the opportunity to sit for missed course exams.
  • If you will be using approved auxiliary aids that require Testing Center or faculty coordination (DSP laptop, spellchecker, calculator, memory aids, etc.), students must communicate appropriately as indicated in the signed service agreements for each exam accommodation. These services must be individually requested as needed per exam as part of the scheduling process. In the case of electronic equipment, you will be provided with the equipment immediately before the exam begins.