This guide is designed to show you the basic steps in requesting exam accommodations. It does not replace the exam accommodation contract in the DSP Services Portal under the "Your Services" tab as well as in the DSP online System Manual. Don't hesitate to contact your Disabilities Specialist or call 805.893.2668 if you have any questions.

Submit instructor verification letters by selecting the "Instructor Letter" tab in the DSP system and following the prompts. The purpose of this step is to notify the instructor about which exam accommodations have been approved for you. You only need to submit this request once per class per quarter.

  • While we are in a remote learning environment for the first part of Winter 2022, you will notify instructors about exam accommodations through the instructor letter alone, unless your exam is being proctored using Zoom or other monitoring platforms (ProctorU, Gradescope, etc). In this type of exam arrangement, you should continue to submit proctor requests so that we can have a DSP proctor assigned for the purpose of proctoring these exams.

To submit a request: (1) select the "Proctor Request" tab in the DSP system, (2) click on the calendar icon and (3) choose the exam date—consult your syllabus, the class' online website, GauchoSpace, or your instructor for exam date information.

  • It is strongly recommended that you submit proctor requests in the beginning of the quarter or as soon as possible to ensure that the professor, department and DSP have the best opportunity to accommodate your exam accommodation requests. 
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your proctor requests get completed (i.e. the exam details are filled out by your instructor/the department) in time for DSP to find a proctor if needed. DSP needs completed proctor requests from your instructor or DSP proxy at least 10 days to guarantee a proctor can be hired.
  • If you have been approved to use any equipment during your exam (such as a laptop, Dragon software, a calculator, or a spellchecker), you will need to request that equipment in addition to submitting a proctor request. See below for further details.


After you submit your proctor requests online, it is strongly recommended that you meet with your instructor during their office hours and let them know that you are part of DSP and have submitted proctor requests online. You can refer them to DSP if they have any questions.

  • If you have any exam time conflicts, contact your instructor before submitting the proctor request online to discuss an alternate exam time that best fits your schedule. DSP cannot adjust exam times due to personal time conflicts; it is at your instructor's discretion to approve an alternate time in these cases. To prevent such conflicts, we strongly recommend you enroll in classes with enough time between the classes and check the exam schedule in GOLD at the time of registration.
  • If you are taking the exam with a DSP proctor in an alternate exam setting, we recommend asking the instructor how clarification questions will be handled during exams.
  • The instructor might send you to another person in the department who is referred to as the "DSP Proxy" to complete the instructor's portion of the proctor request. This could include any departmental staff such as undergraduate advisors or Teaching Assistants.

It's important that you regularly monitor the progress of your exam accommodations online. Once the instructor or the designated DSP Proxy completes their portion of the proctor request, it will move from the "Proctor Request" tab in the DSP system to the "Completed Requests" tab.

It is your responsibility to keep monitoring the status of your exam accommodations online by clicking on the "Completed Requests" tab once you have logged in.
If your exam is listed under "Filled Requests," that means your exam accommodations are set up.
Click on "view request" tab next to your exam to check:

  • Start and End times of your exams to make sure you know what time to take your exam and to make sure the appropriate amount of time is indicated. If the time allotted for your exam does not reflect the extended time you are approved for, you need to contact your instructor in order for any changes to be made.

Unfilled requests refers to the status of a proctor not yet being hired. Typically, unfilled requests occur when there is a delay by student or faculty in providing DSP with either a timely request or exam parameters. Students that submit last minute proctor requests may need to set up alternate arrangements with their instructors if DSP is unable to secure a proctor due to lack of notice. "Completed Accommodations" refers to tests that have already been taken.

On exam day, be sure to check the arrangements in the DSP system again under the "Completed Requests" tab to ensure that no last minute changes were made. Contact DSP immediately if there are problems with the administration of your exam by calling the DSP front office 805.893.2668.

Exam Accommodations Tutorial

Still a little unclear about how request your exam accommodations? Watch this tutorial video by Cooper DiNapoli, DSP's Proctor Coordinator!

Note: For in-person exams, you will still follow the processes established in this video: apply for services, submit your instructor letters, and request proctors. On the date of your exam, please go to the Exam Location (NOT the Exam Pick-up location) and the proctor will meet you there with the exam. You will not need to worry about Zoom links or other remote-specific policies stated in the video. If you have questions, please email

Requesting Laptops and Equipment for Exams

For students who have been approved for laptop or equipment use (i.e., calculators, spellcheckers, and electronic dictionaries), please note you will need to complete a Laptop and Equipment Loan Reservation in addition to checking off the laptop or equipment box within the portal's proctor request form. DO THIS EARLY IN ORDER TO SECURE YOUR REQUIRED EQUIPMENT BEFORE YOUR EXAM.

Electronic dictionary and calculators