Important note: DSP strongly encourages students to register for accommodations as early in the quarter as possible.


Step 1: Log in to the Student Portal

To begin, access the DSP Portal at or by clicking on the "DSP PORTAL" button (in yellow at the top of our website)

Enter your User Name (UCSB NetID) and Password and click on the Login button.

DSP Portal login page

Step 2: Create an Application

Create an application by clicking on the "Application" tab at the top of the page.

The gray boxes serve as indicators of your progress in the registration process but are not active links. The standard process includes four steps (assuming you meet the criteria to receive services):

  1. Application Received
  2. Documents in Review
  3. Ready for Meeting
  4. Services Approved

You may be shown the option to “Apply to Take Notes'' or “Apply to Proctor.” Please only click on these buttons if you are interested in applying to work for our department as a DSP Proctor or Peer Notetaker.   

Hand pointing to Application tab on DSP portal interface.

Step 3: Complete and Submit Application 

The form will require you to disclose some basic information about yourself and your disability including: 

Preferred Name

If you prefer to be called by a name other than your given name, please enter it in this box, otherwise leave this box empty. 

DSP Contact Phone Number

This is the number DSP will use to contact you. By default, it will be recorded as the number the University has on file for you. To replace this number, type the new number into this box in ten-digit format. 


Check this box if you are an undergraduate student.


Select your major from the drop down list.


Please select one or more disabilities you have from this list. You may choose one or more, but you will be required to provide supporting documentation for each disability you list if you are to receive appropriate services from our office for that disability.

Primary Disability

Please choose what you feel is the disability that most greatly affects your day-to-day life from this menu. Your choices will be limited to the disabilities you’ve disclosed in the previous step.

User Agreement

Read the agreement listed adjacent to the box. If you agree to the terms, check the box and then click the button marked “Submit Application Now”. This will take you to the next step in the process, submitting documentation.

List of disabilities accompanied by agreement to terms