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Disability Specialist

Brittany Tewari is a Disability Specialist for DSP at UCSB. Her prior experience includes working as a Disability Specialist for the Center of Accessible Education at UCLA and as the inaugural Program Director for the Disability Community Space at Stanford University. Her areas of interest include the mental health of students with physical disabilities, accommodation support in higher education, and disability awareness programming. Born with cerebral palsy and the daughter of Colombian and Indian immigrants, Brittany became hyper aware of the intersection between class, race, and disability at a young age. She is deeply passionate about providing support for students with disabilities and their myriad of identities. She is happy to help assist students navigate UCSB with their unique needs and welcomes all communication.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading poems, playing The Legend of Zelda, watching cartoons, overanalyzing the actions of fictional characters, and battling spiders with her cat, Arabella.