Remote Learning - Community Building Resources for Students:

Although the campus continues to teach, learn, and grow in a remote, online environment, we are striving to create a sense of community within this virtual space.  Below are some links to Community-Building Resources which have transitioned to a remote/online format for the time being:


DSP Student Modifications to Accommodation Processes:

Notetaking Request Process:

Please continue to fill out your notetaking requests as usual if you need a student notetaker.

For information on integrating existing notetaking software such as Sonocent and Otter with your Zoom sessions, please contact Adaptive Technology Specialist, Nate Streeper

Exam Accommodation Request Process:

Please continue to submit your instructor letters for online tests, quizzes, and assessments. Faculty have the ability to modify time restrictions for Gauchospace tests. Note that you do not need to submit a proctor request for exams in which a proctor is not needed - your instructor should provide you with the appropriate amount of time as indicated on your Instructor Letter.  Please refer them to our website if they need detailed information on this process: Gauchospace Exam Modification Process

5 Tools to help with adapting to online learning:

  1. Google Drive (access to document creation, spreadsheets, slide presentation, etc)
  2. Quizlet (app for digital flashcards for studying)
  3. TimeTimer  (app to manage your focus & time on task)
  4. Zoom (connect with classmates & professors alike)
  5. Old fashioned Paper & Pencil (a low tech way to brainstorm & manage time)

CLAS Academic Skills Workshops

During Fall 2021, CLAS Academic Skills will offer twelve synchronous (in-person and on Zoom) and six on-demand, online study skills videos and self-guided exercises, covering a variety of academic skills topics. Students can find the on-demand, online study skills videos and self-guided exercises, covering a variety of academic skills topics. Students can find the on-demand offerings a and in the events calendar on Shoreline. They can register for synchronous workshops by going to

In addition, CLAS offers individual academic skills consultations in which students receive guidance to:

  • develop their study plans for specific courses, including plans to catch up if they have fallen behind
  • identify strengths and weaknesses in their study habits
  • get more out of lectures, readings, assignments, and problem sets
  • organize their time
  • strategize around issues of focus, motivation, confusion, and confidence

Some students also schedule brief, weekly appointments as accountability check-ins that help them to cultivate steadiness in their work habits or to do long-term work on a particular area of learning difficulty. Students can make appointments for individual consultations by going to, clicking "my appointments," and then clicking "academic skills."

CLAS Academic Skills Workshops - Fall 2021

GroupMe Course-Related Resources - Fall 2021

Group Me Logo

Staying connected and supported through remote instruction can start via educational and social support available through course-specific #groupme contacts and study sessions.  This is a community-initiated effort so please feel free to create a groupme for a course if it is not listed, or add one from your syllabus/TA/faculty if available.  For a growing list of UCSB Courses conducting GroupMe study sessions, visit this link-make sure to check the various tabs for courses based on subject: Fall Quarter 2021 GroupMe links