Associated Students Transportation Reimbursement Program

Associated Students has made funding available for a pilot transportation program. Renewal of this program is on a quarter-by-quarter basis and the program is subject to change or termination at any time as this program is not considered a legal mandate under ADA.

Application for injury-related transportation reimbursement may be initiated by completing an online application. Instructions can be found at Using the DSP Portal.

Once you have uploaded documentation of your injury, it will be evaluated and you will be contacted with a registration status update. The transportation reimbursement program is a campus service and reimbursement will begin on the date of the initial injury.

Reimbursement will be provided for Uber and Lyft rides under the following conditions:

You will be reimbursed for academic and treatment-related travel expenses using a transportation service (Lyft, Uber, etc.). Transportation services will reimburse use of service to and from class, medical appointments and physical therapy appointments within the Isla Vista/Goleta/Santa Barbara area.

 To download an Associated Students Requisition (Reimbursement) Form, click here:


Submitting receipts? You must provide the actual receipts emailed to you by Lyft/Uber. You must fill out a separate reimbursement form for each calendar month for which you are submitting receipts. Email receipts and reimbursement forms to or submit in person
  1. You must be approved for this program by your DSP specialist to request reimbursement. To apply for DSP, follow the instructions here:
  2. You will need to incur the initial cost of transportation. Make sure you save the receipts.
  3. At the end of the month, email your Uber/Lyft receipts to DSP's Support Services Coordinator, Kalli Talafus, at
  4. Please also complete an A.S. Requisition Form. An editable pdf of this form can be found above; this should be emailed along with your receipts. 
  5. DSP will submit receipts on the 10th of the following month. E.g. receipts for September will be submitted to A.S. on Oct. 10th.
  6. Please allow Associated Students 10 business days to process your reimbursement. If you do not hear from them by the end of the period, they can be contacted at

Please note the following additional conditions that apply to this reimbursement program:

  • There is a monthly limit of $200 in reimbursed rides.
  • Receipts should include a date, a time and an origin and destination address.
  • Travel on the weekends is limited to mandated academic programs and should be accompanied by a syllabus that indicates this.
  • Travel should begin and terminate no later than 10:30 pm.
  • Rides within Isla Vista should begin or end at a campus property such as IV Theatre or Embarcadero Hall.
  • Receipts should be submitted on a monthly basis. Receipts for rides longer than a month ago are not eligible for reimbursement.
  • Tips are limited to $1 per ride.
  • Any exceptions to these rules must be approved in writing prior to receiving reimbursement.
  • Requests for reimbursement will be submitted to Associated Students on the 10th of every month (e.g. receipts for September will be taken to A.S. on Oct 10th). Please allow A.S. up to 10 business days for a response.

Additionally, if you need assistance with fronting the cost of the ride share, please check out these resources through the Financial Response Team:


Please contact if you have any additional questions.

Please follow the below instructions when completing the form. This form must be returned to DSP's Support Services Coordinator at at the end of each month. A separate form will need to be submitted for each month of receipts. 

You are only responsible for completing the following fields. DO NOT write in any other portion of the form.

  1. Payable to: [Your name]
  2. List a mailing address if you would like your check mailed. If you would like to pick up your check on campus, list "AS Ticket Office Pick-Up" in the "Street Address" field.
  3. Phone: [Your phone number]
  4. Date Requested: [Date you are filling this out]
  5. When given the option to select "purchase order," "check," or "journal entry," select "check."
  6. Total of the receipts next to "Total Price."

  1. How long will it take to receive my check? 
    A: Receipts are submitted on the 10th of every month (for reimbursement requests for the previous month's receipts). Please allow Associated Students ten business days to process your receipts. If you do not hear from them after that, they can be contacted at
  2. My receipt doesn't list the name of the campus building I departed from, just an Isla Vista address. How will you know it was a campus location?
    A: There are two primary buildings in Isla Vista in which UCSB classes are taught: Embarcadero Hall (935 Embarcadero del Norte, Isla Vista, CA 93117) and Isla Vista Theatre ( 960 Embarcadero del Norte, Isla Vista, CA 93117). Please use these addresses if you are going to a class in one of these buildings.
  3. I traveled to the library but the Uber app shows it on the map by giving a generic IV address and I could not change it. How do I know it isn't going to be taken off because it doesn't look like an official UCSB address?
    A: When it shows a generic IV address for a campus location, we refer to the map that comes on the receipt which will pinpoint that to its campus location.
  4. I brought in my receipts __ months ago and haven't heard anything. Where's my check? A: Please contact Associated Students at DSP delivers the receipts to A.S. once a month. We have no role in the distribution of your reimbursement.
  5. How do I turn in my receipts?
    A: You can send your receipts to Kalli Talafus at Please include a completed A.S. Requisition form (download link available above).
  6. My classes are in buildings that can't be reached via a road. Do you provide any other transportation options for intra-campus travel?
    A: Access to many campus buildings can be achieved by using some service roads where you can be dropped off or picked up so long as the vehicle is not parking. Additionally, Student Health provides golf cart rides to and from Student Health appointments. At this time, there is no other campus transportation program. If you are interested in scooters or other equipment, a list of resources can be found at Equipment Rental & Repair
  7. If I have my own car, can I get discounted or free parking if I am approved for this program through DSP?
    A: No. At this point there is no program which will cover the cost of a campus parking permit.