The Koegel Autism Center has several programs that students can access for support. We are located at the corner of El Colegio and Ocean Roads. For all programs below, please contact our Clinic Coordinators at 805-893-2049 or autism@ucsb.edu.

Current Programs are the following, with more detail below:

• Adult Treatment Program: Provides support to students on social skills, time management/organization and daily living skills
• Thrive, Encourage, Accomplish & Make Friends (TEAM): A community for neurodiverse students to connect and share experiences/resources
• Assessment Clinic: Offers comprehensive diagnostic assessments
• Various ongoing clubs that are open to current clients

Adult Treatment Program

We offer a free 4 hour per week program for autistic adults to receive support in obtaining a degree in higher education and/or obtaining a job. The program is funded by the Department of Rehabilitation and called Personal, Vocational, Social and Adjustment (PVSA) Services. It is currently being offered in-person with the option of telehealth if indicated. The clients meets 1 hour per week with a graduate student clinician and 3 hours per week with a UCSB undergraduate Peer Mentor.

Goals usually include:

• Social skills, attend social events, develop social connections in the campus community
• Self-advocacy
• Improve time management
• Organization of daily schedule
• Practical tasks involved with success in college
• Independent living skills


• Live locally in Santa Barbara
• Have a documented diagnosis of Autism OR complete our “Are you a good fit for our program” 2-hour in-person screening that has a fee of $100. The screening does not provide a medical diagnosis of Autism but would provide access to the free service if the student’s goals fit with the program.
• Become a Consumer of the Department of Rehabilitation and meet their eligibility criteria (we can help facilitate this)
• Ability to come to sessions at the Autism Center (with clinicians) and UCSB campus/community with Peer Mentors

If you are interested in the Department of Rehabilitation PVSA Adult Services please fill out your information here. You will then be contacted for a phone screen.

Contact: Emily Ferguson at for more information on how to obtain PVSA services.

Private pay option: This program is also available through private pay for residents of California only.



The Koegel Autism Center Presents: TEAM

(Thrive, Encourage, Accomplish & Make Friends)

TEAM is a free program for neurodiverse UCSB students that is run by students. It is open to all neurodiverse identifying UCSB students. You only need a UCSB email to register.

The purpose of TEAM is: To foster a community where you can find a sense of belonging, feel connected to other UCSB students who understand the specific challenges you’re facing, learn and share skills and strategies from peers aimed at improving your social, academic, and personal success and overall college experience. Most importantly, TEAM strives to help you find happiness in the moment alongside your fellow gauchos.

TEAM Includes:

Community: Interact and make meaningful connections in a fun, engaging environment that welcomes all neurodiverse individuals on a shared communication media platform and meetups! By discussing goals, tips, challenges, finding joy in the moment through lighthearted social events, and chatting on our media platform, we hope to provide a sense of belonging for you in TEAM.

Discussion Meet-ups: In-person meetings to focus on skills that promote self-growth, share strategies that have helped us with current social and academic challenges, & support one another with our goals. Topics Range from Improving your academic performance and professional development to self-care and maintaining your sense of connectedness remotely.

Monthly Fun Social Nights: Various social events and bonding activities from games nights to movie nights that offer a much-needed social boost and de-stress throughout the quarter

Newsletter: Monthly newsletter with member spotlights, information about various resources, upcoming events, a “Dear Gaucho” column where anonymously submitted questions will be answered by current students. Participants will also have the opportunity to submit contributions to the newsletter in the form of artwork, a short story, or a poem, for example.

Connection via an online Social Hub just for members: All registrants of TEAM will be added to our privately hosted online social hub where members can connect virtually by posting messages, events, and questions for others.

We Gaucho Covered, Join TEAM Today!

To Register:

• You will need a UCSB email
• Pre-registration is required and can be done by clicking the registration button below.
• Registration is ongoing throughout the quarter.